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About GCHS

The Gage County Historical Society was incorporated in 1971 to preserve the history of the county. The goals of the organization for the next five years are to be the resource center for Gage County history, broaden and diversity society resources, finances, and income, and increase outreach and visibility in the community. See more detail in our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.


The Gage County Museum has an extensive collection of objects, photographs, archival material, and research items pertaining to Beatrice and Gage County. Learn more about researching at the Gage County Historical Society.


To learn more about properties owned by the Society, explore our locations page.


Gage County Classic Film Institute is an organization under the umbrella of the Gage County Historical Society. They are dedicated to educating the public about Gage County, Nebraska’s connections to movies, TV, and stage.


The Gage County Historical Society releases a quarterly newsletter. Members receive a copy sent in the mail, but it also can be viewed online. 


Various publications have been released by the society. They can be bought in our gift store and online.


History of the Gage County Historical Society and Museum

In February 1970, Zoa Ann Worden, teacher, historian, and author of Queen City of the Blue, had moved to the Defender's Townhouse (former the Paddock Hotel, which is today The Kensignton) and displayed her collection in the mezzanine. She continued to collect Gage County-related items until it was clear a real Gage County Museum was needed. In March 1971, the first organizational meeting was held with approximately two dozen people in attendance.

 Old Postcard of Burlington Passenger & Freight Station

In June 1971, the Historical Society was incorporated, and in November 1971, the Museum opened at 404 Court. The board realized they needed a permanent site for the Museum. The Burlington-Northern Railroad donated the depot to the Gage County Historical Society in March 1973. 


The Burlington depot is the home of the Gage County Historical Society. The museum is located at 101 North Second Street, Beatrice, Nebraska.


Regular spring/summer hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 10am–4pm.
Regular winter hours: Thursday-Saturday, 10am-4pm.
Closed all major holidays


 Board of Directors


The backbone of the Society is the Board of Directors. Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at the museum. Meetings open to the public at 7 p.m. Terms are three years. If you are interested in serving on the Board, contact the Museum. 2020-21 Board Members are:


  • Scott Fitzwater, President
  • Jerry Shelton, Vice President
  • Marilyn Coffin, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Sheila Day
  • Renee Jones
  • Judy Knispel
  • Dave Thomas
  • Jarrett Willett
  • Laureen Riedesel
  • Caleb Revis (student representative) 



Museum Administrator: Cassandra Dean

Collections Manager: Amy Neumann





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